International Conference on
English Pronunciation: Issues & Practices
June 3-5, 2009


Department of Foreign Languages & Civilisations (LCE), Université de Savoie,
Laboratoire Langages, Littératures, Sociétés, Chambéry, France

Call for Papers
We are pleased to announce our international conference English Pronunciation: Issues & Practices, where we hope to bring together researchers and teachers of English, phonetics, phonology and EFL/ESL/EAP interested in the issues surrounding English pronunciation, both native and non-native. We welcome discussion on a wide variety of issues, including (but not limited to) the following:
  •  norms & reference accents
  •  variability in native & non-native accents of English
  •  methodology of accent studies
  •  pedagogical implications
  •  implications of phonological change
  •  sociolinguistic aspects and issues of identity
  •  analyses of national or regional language policy

Plenary speakers

  • Professor J.C. Wells, will speak on the polling and other research carried out for the new edition of the Longman Pronunciation Dictionary
  • Dr Helen Fraser will speak on Cognitive Phonology and its implications for teaching pronunciation.
  • Professor Yvan Rose, Memorial University of Newfoundland and Collegium de Lyon, will introduce the Phon software and PhonBank database and explain how they can benefit research on the second language acquisition of phonology.
Call for papers
Papers related to the above issues and other topics related to English pronunciation are invited. The deadline for abstract submission is December 31, 2008. Please send two copies of an abstract of about 400 words (excluding references) to, with your name and affiliation written under the title in one copy; one copy must remain anonymous. Papers should last 20 minutes with 10 minutes for questions. After the process of peer-revision, e-mail notifications will be sent out by March 15, 2009.

The language of the conference is English. A selection of conference papers will be published by the LLS research group at the Université de Savoie.


Advisory board


 Una Cunningham University of Dalarna, Sweden
 Heather Hilton Université de Savoie, France
 David Levey University of Cadiz, Spain
 Jan Majer University of Łódź, Poland
 John Osborne Université de Savoie, France
 Linda Shockey University of Reading, UK
 Rias van den Doel Utrecht University, The Netherlands
 Ewa Waniek-Klimczak University of Łódź, Poland


If you have any questions, please contact us at

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